Panoramas around the western U.S. and New Zealand

There is a mix of newer non-QuickTime panoramas with a bunch of older QTVR panoramas. You might need to get a QuickTime plug in for your browser for the older panoramas. Beware--some of these are kind of large (I need to work on the compressions used). Sizes are indicated.

Non-QTVR (Flash/HTML5) panoramas (work on iDevices)

I don't list the size of these as they are served up as a bunch of smaller files, but should generally be under 10 Mb.


Sawtooth Peak, Sequoia National Park, California
View across the upper Kern to Whitney and basins near Mineral King. 1 August 1981.
Bighorn Plateau, Sequoia National Park, California
John Muir Trail on the Bighorn Plateau. 10 August 2016.
Forester Pass, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California
Views south over the upper Kern and north across Bubbs Creek country. 9 August 2016.
Glen Pass, Kings Canyon National Park
Above Rae Lakes and Bubbs Creek drainage. 8 August 2016.
Pinchot Pass, Kings Canyon National Park
Views of the uppermost South Fork of the Kings and Woods Creek. 7 August 2016.
Lakes Basin, Kings Canyon National Park
Headwaters of the South Fork of the Kings River. 6 August 2016.
Bench Lake Ranger Station area, Kings Canyon National Park, California
In the upper part of the South Fork of the Kings River. 6 August 2016.
Evolution Valley, Kings Canyon National Park, California
From the outlet of Evolution Lake. 3 August 2016.
Red Cones, John Muir/Ansel Adams Wildernesses, California
From the summit of the South Red Cone. 27 July 2016.
Eagle Peak, Yosemite National Park, California
View of upper Yosemite Valley and the high country beyond. 11 December 1990.
Redrock Canyon State Park, California, GEOL 4717/5717 trip
View of the Ricardo Formation, 22 March 2011.
Panamint Valley and Range from Slate Range
Views of Panamint Range, Searles Valley, Slate and Argus Ranges, 22 March 2011
Aguereberry Point, Death Valley National Park, California, GEOL 4717/5717 trip.
View of Panamint Range, Death Valley and ranges to west, 24 March 2015.
Furnace Creek to Golden Canyon diversion, Death Valley National Park, California.
Just above Zabriskie Point showing the incision into the Furnace Creek Wash by the diversion. 29 March 2017.
View from Hole In The Rock, Death Valley National Park, California
Just south of the Furnace Creek Fault and the Funeral Mountains. 29 March 2017.
Kingston Peak, Mojave Desert, California
A view of much of southeastern California. 20 January 1984.


East of Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, clearing storm, GEOL4717/5717 2017 trip
View from viewpoint east of the Toroweap campground. 31 March 2017.
Meteor Crater (Coon Butte), Arizona, GEOL4717/5717 2003 trip
360° View from the high tower viewpoint of the crater and surroundings. 23 March 2003.


Hurricane Cliffs, GEOL4717/5717 2017 trip
View from top of Hurricane Cliffs looking west during presentation. 30 March 2017.
Hurricane Cliffs South, GEOL 4717/5717 2015 trip
View from top of Hurricane Cliffs over Lower Hurricane Valley, Utah, 26 March 2015.


Maroon Bells from Crater Lake, White Mountain NF, Colorado
The ever-popular Maroon Bells from their base at Crater Lake near foliage peak. 18 September 2014
Missouri Lakes area, Holy Cross Wilderness.
View from the summit of Pk 12,898 ("Lazy Dog Peak") just west of Missouri Lakes with a view over much of central Colorado. 20 July 2013.
Mt. Lincoln, Mosquito Range, Colorado.
View from the highest of this range's 14ers. 28 June 2014
Torreys Peak, Front Range
View from the summit of Torreys Peak on the Continental Divide. 28 July 2014.
Arapaho Pass near Lake Dorothy, Continental Divide, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
View from a knob southeast of Lake Dorothy, 19 July 2019.
Shoshoni Peak, Continental Divide, Indian Peak Wilderness Area
View from near the summit, 15 August 2019.
Notch Mountain, Continental Divide, Rocky Mountains National Park
Views from summit above Helene Lake and just north of Flattop Mtn. 9 July 2016.
Crystal Lakes, Lawn Lake, Fairchild Peak, Rocky Mountains National Park
View from The Saddle trail near Crystal Lakes of upper Roaring River drainage, 22 August 2019
Fairchild Peak, Mummy Range, Rocky Mountains National Park
Composite views to west, south, and east, 22 August 2019
Paradox Valley, southwestern Colorado
360° view from an outcrop of Paradox Formation within the valley, 12 July 2014



Monte Forato and the Passo dell' Arco, Apuane Alps, Tuscany
View in the front of the large arch with the norther summit in view. 26 July 2017.


New Zealand

Key Summit, Routeburn Track, Fiordland NP, South Island
Sunrise 360° panorama, 6 February 2016.

Older QTVR panoramas

I am working on a new set of panoramas that will not require the older QuickTime plugin as Apple abandoned the QTVR capability. These are generally indicated in the text describing the panorama.


Alta Peak, Sequoia National Park, California
Actually from the eastern end of the Alta Peak complex overlooking Moose Lake, the Great Western Divide, and the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River drainage. About 1.5 Mb.
Upper Valhalla, Sequoia National Park, California
From a short distance north from Precipice Lake, view over Upper Hamilton Lake to Alta Peak, July 2009, about 1.9 Mb.
Tamarack Lake, Sequoia National Park, California
Alpine lake near the northeastern headwaters of the Kaweah River, July 2009. About 4 Mb.
Kaweah Gap, Sequoia National Park, California
View down the Big Arroyo, across 9 Lakes Basin to the Kaweah Group, July 2009. About 11.5 Mb.
Sawtooth Peak, Sequoia National Park, California
View across the upper Kern to Whitney and basins near Mineral King. 2.5 Mb
Mt. Whitney, Sequoia National Park/Inyo National Forest, California
Views of the Owens Valley, Sierra crest, upper Kern drainage and Great Western Divide in this 360° image. About 3.1 Mb; image revised considerably August 2008 (old panorama still online for comparison).
Sunrise, Mt. Whitney, Sequoia National Park/Inyo National Forest, California
Better views of the area to the west than the panorama above. August 1982. 920 kB.
Mt. Tyndall, Sequoia National Park, California
Views of the Upper Kern drainage and Great Western Divide from the first 14er in the Sierra known to be climbed. 0.9 Mb August 18, 1982
Mt. Keith, Kings Canyon National Park, California
Spectacular views of all of Kings Canyon National Park and the north side of Mt. Williamson. 2.2 Mb, August 15, 1982.
Long Valley from Bald Mountain, Inyo National Forest, California
The Long Valley caldera, Mono Basin, and a long expanse of Sierran crest between Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park. 7.1 Mb, 16 July 2006.
Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point
View of Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada Falls, North Dome, Mt. Hoffman, Tenaya Canyon, and Yosemite Falls. About 4 Mb, 18 September 2005.
Excelsior Mountain, Yosemite and Hoover Wilderness
View of Sierran crest through Yosemite National Park, especially northern part of the park. 7 Mb, 1 July 1990.
Northcentral Yosemite Park
View of area from south of Benson Lake from near Murdock Lake, 1.3 Mb, September 2007.
Benson Lake and Northcentral Yosemite
Merged panoramas so that Benson Lake and its canyon can be seen along with the broader region from a spot a bit higher north of Murdock Lake. September, 2007.
Mono Dome, Mono Lake
Just west of Lee Vining, views of Mono Lake and surroundings. About 8.6 Mb, 18 June 2006.
Carson Pass, central Sierra Nevada
View of Red Lake Mountain area across towards Kirkwood and Sierra crest to south. About 5.6 Mb, 9 October 2006.
Southern Sierra Nevada from the east
View from the Cerro Gordo Road (east of Owens Lake) to the Sierra. About 1.4 Mb, 25 March 2003.
Panamint Range and Valley, Argus Range from Crowley Overlook
The Panamint Butte area, Telescope Peak, and Matarango Peak on the west side of Death Valley National Park. About 750 kb.
Aguerberry Point, Death Valley National Park
A view from the Panamint range of the GEOL4717 presentation on 26 March 2003. About 1.6 Mb.
Death Valley Cinder Cone
In the southern part of Death Valley, this cinder cone has been split in two by motion on the southern Death Valley Fault. About 1.8 Mb, March 2002
Amboy Crater, Mojave Desert
A little south of I-40 just off old route 66, Amboy crater is a young cinder cone in the desert. About 1.8 Mb, 24 March 2003.

Baja California

Gulf Escarpment, northern Baja California
From the road between Tecate and Mexicali. About 4.8 Mb, 10 January 2006.
Laguna Salada Fault, northern Baja California
On the trace of the fault about midway along the Laguna Salada. About 8.7 Mb (sorry), 10 January 2006.


Laughlin Bluffs, southern Nevada
Bluffs exposing sediments interpreted to recap the integration of the lower Colorado River . About 4.8 Mb, 25 March 2007.


Grand Wash Cliffs, northwesternmost Arizona
View of the cliffs on the west side of the Colorado Plateau from the South Virgin Mountains of Nevada. About 4.3 Mb, 29 March 2007.
Grand Canyon from Desert View, northern Arizona
Views of the eastern Grand Canyon from Desert View, eastern Grand Canyon National Park. About 1.2 Mb, March 2000
Grand Canyon from Toroweap Overlook, northern Arizona
Western Grand Canyon (including Lava Falls). About 8.8 Mb, 30 March 2007.
Grand Canyon from summit of Vulcans Throne, northern Arizona
Western Grand Canyon, including Prospect Canyon (south of canyon) and along Toroweap Fault. About 6.3 Mb, 30 March 2007.
Hurricane Cliffs, northern Arizona
Views of the Unikaret and Shivwits Plateaus from the Grandstand area of the Hurricane Cliffs. About 1.7 Mb, 28 March 2003.
Superstition Mountains
Views of the eastern edge of the Tortilla Flat caldera, Superstition Mountains. About 1.8 Mb, March 2002.
Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River, Navajo Nation/northern Arizona
View of the falls where the Little Colorado River first enters the Grand Canyon system. 25 March 2007.
Meteor Crater
Views from the viewing platform on the crater's north rim. About 1.8 Mb, 23 March 2003.


Escalante Overlook
On Hwy 12 between Escalante and the Escalante River, views over the sandstone region around the Escalante River. Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument. About 1.3 Mb, March 2002.
Waterpocket Fold
At the overlook up Upper Muley Twist Canyon, views over the fold to the Henry Mountains. Capitol Reef National Park. About 1.2 Mb, March 2002.
Delicate Arch
From the overlook on the Delicate Arch Trail, view of Delicate Arch, La Sal Mountains, and 2 other arches. Arches National Park, about 8.9 Mb, July 2006.
Goosenecks of the San Juan
From the state park overlook. Monument Valley and Chuska Mountains in distance. About 5.5 Mb, 23 March 2007.


Mesa Verde
Cliff Palace Ruin from the northern end (first stop on the hike into the ruin). July 2006. About 4.7 Mb.
Oh! Point, San Juan Mountains near Silverton, Colorado
a 360° view of the San Juans near Engineer Pass, Uncompahgre Peak, with views of the Grenadier Range, etc. Small (linked above) is about 800 kb, large view is 2.4 Mb.
Silverton, Colorado
View from the highway to Durango. About 6.6 Mb.
Carbondale Collapse Center, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
A view from the edge of a back-tilted terrace of the GEOL4717 presentation on some salt tectonics along the Roaring Fork. About 4.5 Mb; 31 March 2007.
Missouri Lakes area, Holy Cross Wilderness.
View from the summit of Pk 12,898 ("Lazy Dog Peak") just west of Missouri Lakes with a view over much of central Colorado. 18 Mb. 20 July 2013. Non-QTVR version now available.
Torreys Peak, Front Range
View from the summit of Torreys Peak on the Continental Divide. 3.4 Mb. Non-QTVR version is available (better for iDevices). 28 July 2014.
Satanta Peak, Indian Peaks Wilderness.
View from a peak just north of Caribou Pass with views of Caribou Lake and the Indian Peaks on the Continental Divide. Also views over Middle Park. 1 Oct. 2010. About 5.3 Mb.
Mt. Audobon, Indian Peaks Wilderness
Views to SE, S, and SW from Audobon in a partial panorama. 200 kb.
Isabelle "Glacier", Indian Peaks Wilderness
View from the lateral moraine on the east side of the glacier (which is likely now a perennial snowfield). 24 Sept. 2010, about 5.3 Mb.
Arapaho Glacier, Indian Peaks Wilderness
View from the southeast of the glacier, the peaks above and drainages below and the surrounding regions. 13 July 2012; about 5.5 Mb.
Little Blue Lake (Mt. Toll), Indian Peaks Wilderness
View from near Little Blue Lake under Paiute Peak
Timberline Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park
Falls between The Loch and Lake of Glass in Glacier Gorge area. 24 June 2013; about 5.2 Mb.
Notchtop Mountain, Helene Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park
Views from a knob above the trail over Helene Lake and including Flattop, Odessa Lake. 7 July 2013; about 2.9 Mb.


in the works

New Zealand

Hobbiton, Matamata, North Island
The movie set, rebuilt and expanded for The Hobbit movies. 1.65 Mb, 9 January 2013.
Farewell Spit and Cape Farewell, South Island
The northern end of the South Island, from near the lighthouse above Pillar Point. 5.1 Mb, 5 January 2013
Torrent Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, South Island
One of the bays of this national park (though the water a bit muddied after flooding a few days previous). 1.2 Mb, 5 January 2013
Kairkoura, North Canterbury, South Island
a 180° view from the Kaikoura viewpoint back toward town and harbor and the Seaward Kaikouras (and the Hope Fault). 1.8 Mb, 1 January 2001
Wellington, from Wind Turbine to SW
a near 360° view from the wind turbine on the ridge to the southwest of town over the harbor and to the South Island. 1.4 Mb, late December, 2000.
Rainbow Ski Field, Marlborough District, Nelson Lakes National Park
360° view from the crest of the St. Arnaud Range over the ski field, across to Mt. Angelus, and down to Lake Rotoiti and St. Arnaud. 2.1 Mb, Mid-December, 2000.
Rainbow River/Wairau River confluence
360° view of the area where the Rainbow and Wairau Rivers meet, east of Nelson Lakes National Park, off the Wairau-Hanmer Springs road. 1.6 Mb, mid-December 2000.
St. Arnaud Range, Nelson Lakes National Park
360° view from near Mt. St. Arnaud on the edge of Nelson Lakes National Park, showing the Wairau (Alpine) fault, the Wairau River valley, and Lake Rotoiti
Awatere Fault, Tarndale area, Molesworth Station (near Nelson Lakes National Park)
360° view of Awatere Fault (from on a scarp) where the Rainbow-Hanmer Springs road crosses the fault. 2 Mb, late December 2000.
Hope Fault/Alpine fault junction
180° view of where the Hope fault and Alpine faults come together. 1.4 Mb, 3 January 2001.
Mt. Cook, Mt. Tasman panorama, West Coast (Glaciers area)
View from the viewpoint to the west of Fox Glacier. 5 January 2001.
Waimakariri River view, Arthurs Pass National Park area
Partial panorama from where the road first encounters the Waimakariri River (when coming from the east).1.1 Mb, 3 January 2001.

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